Talent grows in the roots and heart of your business. Designed, budgeted and managed correctly, it can make a significant difference to your overall success.

Papillon Talent Strategy can help you define and achieve a rewarding and efficient talent programme to ensure that you always plan and hire the very best people.


Delivering positive recruitment experiences





Going under the skin of your current recruitment process. Auditing the candidate journey and hiring process and identifying where improvements are needed.

Defining and creating a new or improved process / framework to ensure you define the right positions, identify the right people, build the right message, attract the right candidates then hire and keep them.

Committing to a more efficient “modern" recruitment process. Challenging traditional, expensive and ineffective hiring methods. Embracing technology, training and accountability within the process.

Ownership and accountability for the positive performance status of your hiring process and capability.

"Emma McNamara is one of the UK's leading thinkers and practitioners for recruitment teams. She combines technology, social media and sales methodologies that when applied to fast-growing businesses ensure they find and attract the best talent. Emma is also an inspirational leader and coach of recruitment teams."


Mark Kelly, Business Growth Leader

Essex Business School / Cranfield School of Management


We don't just talk, we do. We offer a bespoke, modular suite of projects to suit a wide range of requirements and budgets.


Process audits | Workflow/framework design | Candidate acquisition methods | Data tracking and analytical performance | KPI management | Benchmarking | Defining and writing job specs | Referral schemes | Managing agency relationships

Team Building

Recruitment training | Mentoring programmes | Outsourced recruitment team | System integration (ATS, CRM)


Recruitment branding | Campaign messaging | Social media community | Talent surveys

Papillon has experience working across all business genres, from start-ups to scaling SMEs, right through to global companies with growing internal functions. For further details and testimonials , please email emma@papillontalentstrategy.com.

"Emma is extremely knowledgeable, highly professional, and passionate about talent management and is committed to getting the job done. She sets incredibly high standards across all areas of her practice and works with colleagues to meet business objectives. She is not afraid to roll her sleeves up and work alongside staff to gain a true understanding of how a business function works."


Camille Leavold

MD Abbots Care


Launched in September 2017, Papillon Talent Strategy is run by Emma McNamara with the support of a network of specialists.

Emma has over 22 years' experience in recruitment, including co-founding and running Propel London between 2001-2017. She has helped companies across many sectors, from investment banks to creative design agencies, and is responsible for launching and encouraging the careers of some of the UK's leading digital figures.

A consistent champion of women as business leaders and improved work-life balances, Emma has always been at the forefront of changes that are shaping the industry, applying this to good effect in ensuring her clients both attract and retain the very best talent.

Papillon is based in Surrey with capabilities to work across the UK both on site and remotely.

"Emma brings to the table a thorough understanding of recruitment process and hiring strategies. Over the years she has developed a keen ability to manage and influence senior stakeholders in the digital world and across the broader recruitment industry. Em is also a proven leader, and instinctively mentors and coaches teams through a very natural approach and ability to create buy in from those around her. Emma can be absolutely relied upon to grasp a project with both hands and ensure it is delivered on time, to budget, and all done with a smile and a sense of fun."


James Webb

MD Propel London



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